[Linux-parport] parport_serial and NetMos 9835

Russell Shaw rjshaw at netspace.net.au
Sat Feb 5 01:11:27 EST 2005

 > Hi List,
 > I sent this mail to Tim, but he told me that he's no longer maintaining
 > the parport stuff. So I'm trying here....
 > Please CC me, cause I'm not on the list (btw, how do I subscribe? I
 >                                     remember the parport list
 >                                     somewhere at torque.net or
 >                                     something...)
 > I'm having problems to get my NetMos 9835 up and running with
 > kernel 2.6.10
 > I digged a bit into the code, and I think I found the reason: The card
 > provides one parallel and two serial ports, and is handled fine by
 > parport_serial. BUT the 9835 is handled by parport_pc, too (which is
 >                                                        wrong, IMHO).
 > I'm not shure, but I suppose that parport_serial does not
 > touch the device if it's already handled by another driver (parport_pc,
 >                                                        which gets
 >                                                        autoloaded
 >                                                        before
 >                                                        parport_serial)
 > and therefore does not
 > enable and register the serial ports.
 > I commented out all the 9835 stuff in parport_pc, and now everything
 > works fine.
 > I see two possibilities for a clean solution:
 > a) remove all netmos cards that provide at least one serial port from
 > parport_pc (this is not only the 9835, but some other netmos cards, too)
 > b) change parport_serial so that it handles serial ports from cards
 > where the parallel port is already handled by parport_pc.
 > I think a) would be the better way to go, as I wouldn't like a single
 > PCI device handled by two different drivers.
 > If this is fine with you, I'll go for data-sheet hunting, and provide a
 > patch for netmos cards.

I just got one of these cards and couldn't get it to work. Is there a
patch for it yet?

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