[Linux-parport] parport_serial and NetMos 9835

Michael Reinelt reinelt at eunet.at
Sun Feb 6 01:46:46 EST 2005

Hi Russel,

> I patched 2.6.10 and compiled in the parport and serial port options in 
> menuconfig.
> It still won't work:(

Too bad. My micro-patch does not change any behaviour of the card ord 
the driver, it just disables the entries for NM9835 in parport_pc.c, so 
that the PCI device is not handled by parport_pc, but by parport_serial.

You did load the parport_serial module? What does syslog say when 
loading this module?

> lspci -vv -s 0:b.0 shows:
> Interrupt: pin A routed to IRQ 19

> Is that IRQ 19 real or bogus?

Here I get IRQ9. I don't know what IRQ19 is.

bye, Michael

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