[Linux-parport] Kernel & libieee1284 report BIOS ECP mode as EPP

Eddy De Greef edg1 at tiscali.be
Thu Sep 30 15:30:55 EDT 2004

Op 30-09-04 06:34:41 schreef vdb128 at picaros.org:
> Your onboard parport is located in the super-io chip (floppy, serial)
> which is not a PCI device.  It usually connects to the ISA bridge
> and is located close to the floppy disk connector.

When I enable the (experimental) Super-IO chipset support,
get this:

Winbond Super-IO detection, now testing ports 3F0,370,250,4E,2E ...
Winbond chip at EFER=0x2e key=0x87 devid=82 devrev=83 oldid=ff

It makes no difference for the detection of the ECP/EPP mode.

On the MB, I've found this Winbond chip next to the FD connector:

> You have a fully working EPP port (result=1) as seen from software
> side.
> The BIOS allows access to the registers, base+[3..7] and the timeout
> is working.  The only way left to correctly detect your ECP-only  
> setting is by reading back the chip setup configuration register  
> (CR).  Alas, for non-PCI devices there is no standard, so it requires  
> a chip-unique extension in parport_pc.

The chipset appears to be recognized. Would it be hard to add this  

Best regards,


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