[Linux-parport] (ppdev)reading character multiple times

Vinay Binny c_attitude at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 12:56:51 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone,

I apologize if my question is sub-standard compared to
the mailing list, this is my first post.

I am trying to send data(usually contents of a file)
from one computer to another via the parallel port. I
am using ppdev.h and parport.h. I have set the mode to
ECP and I am using PPWDATA and PPRDATA to write and
read respectively. When I read the data at the other
end I get the same character multiple times. For ex:
If I am sending vinay, I get vvvvvviiiiii and so

How do I get around this? I tried select(), did'nt
work. If I use ioperm, inb and outb it works but needs
usleep(100000) and it looses some data in between.

Any solution using parport/ppdev?


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