[Linux-parport] parallel port driver Architecture

Mukund JB. mukundjb at esntechnologies.co.in
Tue Oct 19 08:44:29 EDT 2004

Hi all, 
I am trying to know the linux parport drivers architecture.
I went through all the archives of the mail lists. 
I also found the following doc on the net that was quite an informative.
     The Linux 2.4 Parallel Port Subsystem
But there was no clear description on the linux implementation of parport drivers.
My questions shood unresolved all the way.
How does the Linux OS support the different kinds of device on the parallel port? what is the design of the parport, based on which new devices will be suppoted ?
what layered concept does the linux parport driver implement?
which layer driver we need to write/alter to add support for a specific new device?
mukund jampala
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