[Linux-parport] Negotiating IEEE1284_MODE_EPP

Gerhard Bertelsmann hallo at gerhard-bertelsmann.de
Tue May 25 12:19:50 EDT 2004

Tim Waugh wrote:

>On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 04:52:37PM +0200, Gerhard Bertelsmann wrote:
>>I'm having a problem to negotiate EPP mode for parport.
>>I've done this with ppdev in user mode with no problem using
>> mode = IEEE1284_MODE_EPP;
>> negotiate_first=0;
>> if (negotiate_first)
>> {
>>   ioctl (pport, PPNEGOT, &mode);
>> } else
>> {
>>   ioctl (pport, PPSETMODE, &mode);
>> }
>The fundamental difference is that the above code is *not*
>negotiating, whereas your kernel code is.

OK let's say I want to set IEEE1284_MODE_EPP. How can I do this ?
Is there a similar function in parport like ppdev ioctl (pport, 
PPSETMODE, &mode) ?
Didn't find it.
I've tried pdev->port=PARPORT_MODE_EPP but this changed nothing.
BTW: is parport_read_data/ parport_write_data doing the IEEE1284 
handshaking if
setup correctly to IEEE1284 mode ?



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