[Linux-parport] ECR Register in PCI based ECP port

Ravi Shah shahravi20 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 7 08:56:32 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I just now connected a PCI card into my computer, to add an extra ECP port to my

But somehow I am not able to locate the ECR register the memory space (where my PCI card
is mapped) 

Here is the device header for the card:
-> pciHeaderShow(0,0,0)
vendor ID =                   0x9710
device ID =                   0x9805
command register =            0x0001
status register =             0x0280
revision ID =                 0x01
class code =                  0x07
sub class code =              0x80
programming interface =       0x00
cache line =                  0x08
latency time =                0x00
header type =                 0x00
BIST =                        0x00
base address 0 =              0x00000129
base address 1 =              0x00000131
base address 2 =              0x00000139
base address 3 =              0x00000169
base address 4 =              0x00000121
base address 5 =              0x00000101
cardBus CIS pointer =         0x00000000
sub system vendor ID =        0x1000
sub system ID =               0x0010
expansion ROM base address =  0x00000000
interrupt line =              0x12
interrupt pin =               0x01
min Grant =                   0x00
max Latency =                 0x00

The memory locations corresponding to PCI IO base address + offset (base addr 1 or 2
above) does not give me the location of ECR register.

I tried reading the default values from these locations, and it all returns zeroes (which
is not correct, it should be 0x01. Then I tried writing 0x34 at the ECR (guessed)
location, it still does not work.

Any ideas whats wrong here. Do I need to do anything after connecting the PCI cards such
that my registers become visible.

Thanks in advance for help,


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