[Linux-parport] Connecting 2 PCs directly over an "8-wire Fast Laplink" cable

Daniel Tahin daniel.t at a1.net
Mon Jun 28 14:02:24 EDT 2004

Hello Developers!

Hopefully I'm here right. I would like to ask you about connecing two PCs over a Laplink cable (on the paralell port). But this cable isn't a common Laplink cable that uses only 4 data lines; it uses each (8) data lines. Information about cross connecting the cable I put at "http://members.a1.net/e0226781/".
It works well under Windows98, with 160-190Kbytes/sec (better than 50Kbytes/sec with the cable that uses only 4 data lines:-))). I would like to ask you, that is really the highest transfer rate, that could be reached with it? (I ask you, because I think other paralell devices can do a higher transfer-speed with 8 data lines? Or not?)
I set the port to ECP, and EPP mode before doing any transfers, but I couldn't go over 190Kbytes/sec.

Best regards, and thanx for your answer.

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