[Linux-parport] old ISA parallel port card

Jouni Laakso jounijl at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 06:55:41 GMT 2004


A problem with an old ISA card. It is from old ATX pc
from '80:s (machine had 16 MHz cpu clock etc.). It has
one parallelport lookalike and one serial port. Also
pins for floppy drive. I've heard that it includes a
FIFO also ;) .. so it's old.

How or where can I find a linux driver for it? 
How can I find out if it is a parallel port and how
can I check what card it is for the driver for the
card, and where to find the driver?

I'm planning to use it for electronics testing. I've
read that it is possible to break internal
motherboards parallel port circuits and I don't wan't
to do that and instead use external card. I have a
working driver for testing (prints state of pins) that
uses motherboards parallel port address. 
What address is on the ISA card and is it (too much)
harder to make a test-driver for it?

Any suggestions welcome.

br. jnl

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