[Linux-parport] EPP mode on SIIG Cyberparallel PCI

mike dillon md5 at embody.org
Wed Feb 25 08:17:28 GMT 2004

begin vdb128 at picaros.org quotation:
> Even worse, the code snippet unmasks (enables) the nFault/nError ECP
> interrupt.  On Netmos chips, the line is then routed to the PCI INTX#
> line which will trigger if nError is asserted.  This usually locks up
> the system if the interrupt is shared since the previously installed
> handler is called forever.  (the level sensitive INTX# is held active)
> A typical symptom is that the PC boots correctly when the printer is 
> turned on, but locks up otherwise.
> The test incorrectly disables EPP on National PC87306B (Intel TC430HX
> board) and Netmos two port 9710:9815 chipsets.  It works for the
> oxford 12pci840.
> My code, with the Intel test, is as follows (full patch is in the
> archive) :

Thank you for the thorough explanation. I tried googling for the patch,
but I didn't have any luck. Would you mind posting a URL or sending me
the patch gzipped?

This solution seems more informed than simply removing the Intel test,
so I'd rather help test this patch and get it integrated than keep
patching my kernel to remove a test that's only unnecessary for my


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