[Linux-parport] EPP mode on SIIG Cyberparallel PCI

mike dillon md5 at embody.org
Wed Feb 25 08:13:21 GMT 2004

begin Adam Baker quotation:
> You could be hitting the same problem I found with an Asus motherboard
> and ITE IT8703F-A  Super IO chip. There is a test in the parport PC
> driver for a bug in an old Intel chip set that caused EPP mode to be
> falsely reported as supported - The relevant code snippet (in 2.4.x
> kernels)  is
>         /* Check for Intel bug. */
>         if (priv->ecr) {
>                 unsigned char i;
>                 for (i = 0x00; i < 0x80; i += 0x20) {
>                         ECR_WRITE (pb, i);
>                         if (clear_epp_timeout (pb)) {
>                                 /* Phony EPP in ECP. */
>                                 return 0;
>                         }
>                 }
>         }
> I just commented out that section (and rebuilt and installed the
> modules)  and sudenly EPP mode sprang into life. I'd be interested to
> here if the same problem affects anyone else.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try when I have a chance to
recompile a kernel, hopefully this weekend.


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