[Linux-parport] ppSCSI driver suite for linux 2.6

Jochen Eisinger jochen at penguin-breeder.org
Sun Feb 1 11:45:05 GMT 2004


the ppSCSI drivers are used by SANE to access several scanner models.
Since some users are migrating to linux 2.6 now, there is a growing
demand for a ppSCSI patch for 2.6

I understand the the ppSCSI suite isn't maintained at the moment, and I
don't want to maintain it myself - due to the lack of time, and I don't
own such an adapter anyway. However, I modified the patch for linux 2.5
so it compiles with linux 2.6.1, and I will try to keep it up to date.

I'd be grateful to receive feedback on the patch, whether it works or
not, etc..

The patch is available from http://penguin-breeder.org/kernel/download/

kind regards
-- jochen

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