[Linux-parport] Control PS/2 keyboard input via Parallel port in Linux?

Erich Boleyn erich at uruk.org
Sat Apr 10 14:08:48 BST 2004


I need to control a computer's PS/2 keyboard input (well, I need to
control a KVM switch via a PS/2 keyboard connector, in my case, but
it's supposed to be the same) via a computer running Linux, i.e.
behave as a PS/2 keyboard.  A parallel port would be one of the
easiest ways to go about this.

Before starting on it, I figured it was worth asking if someone
has code and hardware description (probably some 74xx-like parts
and a few resistors on a breadboard to handle the bidirectional
signalling would do it) laying around rather than going through
the pain of debugging a PS/2 wire signalling protocol.  I checked
on the web and found at least one reference to doing it on Linux,
done by "vojtechpavlik", but the web link
"http://www.suse.cz/development" was stale.

Also, could someone recommend a brand of USB -> Parallel hardware
that's known to have a supported chipset?  The references I found
aren't clear on this.

Thanks all.

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