[Linux-parport] parport_pc hangs my system

C. Linus Hicks lhicks at nc.rr.com
Tue Dec 23 17:50:14 GMT 2003

Okay, so my first post was to a nearly defunct mailing list.

I am trying to do a fresh install of Red Hat 9 on a system that is
currently running RHL 7.1, and I seem to be having a problem with the
parport_pc driver. While this mailing list seems intended for specific
device drivers that talk through the parallel port, I figured I'd start
here. Please tell me who I should contact and the proper procedure for
doing that if I'm in the wrong place.

In the process of trying to get the installer on the Fedora Core 1 and
Red Hat 9 CDs running, I learned about the various console displays
available during the install. In both, Alt-F3 shows the module sets
being loaded and the last one before the system hang was always

I don't use the parallel port on my system (I have a network printer)
and in fact had it disabled in the BIOS. I tried enabling it but still
get the same hang. I always get a hard hang with the system completely
unresponsive. I either have to hit the reset button or cycle the power.

Then I tried doing a "modprobe parport_pc" (after first doing "modprobe
parport") in my current RHL 7.1 release, 2.4.20-24.7 kernel, and I got
the same hang. However, if I use "insmod parport_pc io=0x378 irq=none"
it doesn't hang.

I would like to install a more recent Linux on this machine, so I'd like
to know what options I have for doing that. These are my questions:

1. Do I have a broken BIOS, and how do I find that out? If it is broken
and not likely to get fixed, I may need to consider upgrading my

2. Is there a possibility of getting a fix implemented in the parport_pc
driver? I know this won't help me getting RHL 9 installed (unless I want
to go through the process of making updated CDs, which I know is a big
job), just thinking about the future.

I have a Tyan S2567U3AN Thunder HE-SL motherboard with ServerWorks
chipset. I am willing to offer what help I can.
C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at nc.rr.com>

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