[Linux-parport] redhat 7.1 backpack rewriter

Shawn Koons skoons1ns at netscape.net
Thu Dec 18 08:33:12 GMT 2003

This is a re-post. I sent it the first time to the old email address.


I gave up on trying to install RH on my old Compaq via the backback, but 
have succeeded in installing RH 7.1 on a IBM thinkpad via said backpack 
cd-rewriter. So far, so good. Now the cd-rom/rewriter cannot be found 
upon booting. Can anyone tell me how I can install via the backpack and 
now the newly installed OS cannot see the backpack? Maybe something on 
the boot install disc that is missing on the installed OS???

Also, could someone help me get the cd-rom/rewriter working?

I have included dmesg (I hope it helps)

Thank you,

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