[PATCH rfc] nvme-cli: NVMf auto discovery systemd service

Sagi Grimberg sagi at grimberg.me
Sun Sep 24 08:20:16 PDT 2017

> This looks reasoanable to me, although I'm really not the expert
> for systemd stuff.

Me neither, Hence the RFC...

> Does it handle the case where /etc/nvme/discovery.conf is non-existent
> (yes, you created in the specfile, but not everyone uses rpms).

Well, it will fail the nvme connect-all command, which would appear
in the journal and disable the service, the user is expected to
add discovery.conf and re-enable the service at that point...

>> We can also add some documentation into discovery.conf to help
>> the user add discovery endpoints.
> That would be great for the default one, e.g. some example RDMA
> and FC configfs.

I think James was pushing udev stuff for auto connection as FC
discovery is in-band, so not sure how this will apply to FC...

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