[PATCH] rdma: force queue size to respect controller capability

Sagi Grimberg sagi at grimberg.me
Wed Oct 26 01:36:26 PDT 2016

> I believe there's an off-by-one (or two) lurking here.
> It looks to me like ctrlr->ctrlr.sqsize is intended to be 0's-based:
> - sqsize is passed as HSQSIZE in the Connect private data, which is
> 0's-based
> - sqsize is set to opts->queue_size - 1 earlier in nvme_rdma_create_ctrlr()
> However, this new change assigns opts->queue_size (non-0's-based value)
> the current value of ctrlr->ctrlr.sqsize (0's-based value) without any
> adjustment.
> This is probably because there is another bug in
> nvme_rdma_configure_admin_queue(), where sqsize is set to a value based
> on CAP.MQES + 1.  MQES is a 0's-based value, so if sqsize is also
> supposed to be 0's based, no addition should be necessary.
> I think it is currently working only in the case where the original
> sqsize is already smaller than MQES, because then the min of MQES and
> sqsize will pick sqsize, which is already 0's based from the initial
> queue_size - 1 assignment.
> If I'm not missing anything, the correct fix should be removing the + 1
> adjustment of MQES as well as changing this patch to consider the 0's
> based nature of sqsize:
>     if (opts->queue_size > ctrlr->ctrlr->sqsize + 1) {
>         ...
>          opts->queue_size = ctrlr->ctrlr.sqsize + 1;
>     }

Your correct Daniel. I'll fix that in the patch itself.


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