[PATCH RFC v2 3/3] nvme-rdma: use rdma_reject_msg() to log connection rejects

'Christoph Hellwig' hch at lst.de
Mon Oct 24 08:09:12 PDT 2016

On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 09:57:50AM -0500, Steve Wise wrote:
> > rdma_reject_msg() - protocol reject reason string

This one sounds useful on it's own.

> > rdma_is_consumer_reject() - true if the peer consumer/ulp rejected
> > rdma_consumer_reject_data() - ptr to any private data

I see why these are conceptually different, but why do we care
if something is a consumer reject except for printing what reject
we got (solved by rdma_reject_msg) or for getting consumer reject
data if there is any (solved by rdma_consumer_reject_data).

So all three helpers are fine with me, but rdma_is_consumer_reject
would be more of a low-level helper that drivers wouldn't use
directly, only through rdma_consumer_reject_data.

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