[PATCH 0/6] Six NVMeOF-related patches

Sagi Grimberg sagi at grimberg.me
Thu Oct 20 01:02:06 PDT 2016

Hey Bart,

> Hello Keith,
> This patch series is what I came up with while I was using the NVMeOF
> host and target drivers to test my pending block layer and dm-mq
> patches. It would be appreciated if you would consider these patches for
> inclusion in the upstream kernel. The individual patches in this series
> are:
> 0001-nvme-scsi-Remove-set-but-not-used-variables.patch
> 0002-nvme-fabrics-Adjust-source-code-indentation.patch
> 0003-nvme-fabrics-Fix-memory-leaks-in-nvmf_parse_options.patch
> 0004-nvme-fabrics-Fix-a-memory-leak-in-an-nvmf_create_ctr.patch
> 0005-nvme-fabrics-Print-network-address-if-address-resolu.patch
> 0006-nvme-rdma-Make-nvme_rdma_conn_rejected-more-informat.patch

up until now, nvme over fabrics related changes went through
our tree (and to jens in turn) at:

Overall, these changes looks good.

I plan to collect patches for the next round of 4.9-rc over the weekend
so I'll wait for your respin on this.


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