[PATCH RFC nvme-cli 2/2] nvme.spec: generate hostnqn file on install and remove on uninstall

Sagi Grimberg sagi at grimberg.me
Tue Nov 8 02:29:10 PST 2016

> Hey Sagi,
> 7.9 of the base NVMe spec makes it clear on unique names that the "2nd
> format", which is what is being assembled here, uses a fixed date
> "2014-08" in it's name, which is exactly what the NVMe Host driver does
> as its default:
> fabrics.c:  "nqn.2014-08.org.nvmexpress:NVMf:uuid:%pUb", &host->id);
> I would just do what the NVMe host is doing already and make it easier
> on yourself ;-).

I'm fine with that...

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