host/target keep alive timeout loop

Sagi Grimberg sagi at
Tue Nov 8 02:23:02 PST 2016

> Hey Sagi/Christoph,
> While running the same kato/recovery tests I've logged in a few other threads,
> occasionally I get some controllers on the host that will not reconnect.  Even
> after I quiesce the test and have the interfaces up and everything is pingable.
> When it gets in this state, some of the 10 controllers are up and ok, and others
> are stuck in this reconnect/fail loop.
> The host is stuck continually logging this for one or more controllers:
> [ 7885.617176] nvme nvme10: failed nvme_keep_alive_end_io error=16385
> [ 7886.837087] nvme nvme10: rdma_resolve_addr wait failed (-110).
> [ 7890.183979] nvme nvme10: failed to initialize i/o queue: -110
> [ 7890.247538] nvme nvme10: Failed reconnect attempt, requeueing...

This looks like an underlying problem causing the host rdma_connect
to timeout. Did it happen before or is it a new thing?

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