[nvme-fabrics]Fabrics over ROCEv2

Marta Rybczynska mrybczyn at kalray.eu
Fri Jun 24 04:02:21 PDT 2016

Hello Christoph,
Thanks for the answer. I do indeed have more general problems with
ROCEv2: ib_send_bw works fine for ROCEv1 but not with ROCEv2. I'm
going to follow with the Mellanox persons as it seems to be mlx4 or


----- Le 24 Juin 16, à 9:13, Christoph Hellwig hch at infradead.org a écrit :

> Hi Marta,
> we've tested the NVMe over Fabrics code with both Mellanox and Emulex
> RoCE cards, although I don't remember if we were using RoCEv2.
> But your problem doesn't sound NVMe specific.  Can your first check if a
> simple test using ib_send_bw works?


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