[PATCH 1/7] nvme: delete dev from dev_list in nvme_reset

Keith Busch keith.busch at intel.com
Fri Oct 2 14:13:22 PDT 2015

On Fri, 2 Oct 2015, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> Device resets need to delete the device from the device list before
> kicking of the reset an re-probe, otherwise we get the device added
> to the list twice.  nvme_reset is the only side missing this deletion
> at the moment, and this patch adds it.

A moment of panic when I saw this, but we're 'ok'. The reset handler calls
nvme_dev_shutdown() first, and that removes the device from the list,
so we won't really see a controller twice added in the list.

Still, there's no reason to poll a device that's about to reset, so it's
a good change.

Reviewed-by: Keith Busch <keith.busch at intel.com>

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