[NVME-CLI] Status Update

Stephen Bates Stephen.Bates at pmcs.com
Thu May 28 03:59:34 PDT 2015


Hmmm I should begin by saying I am not a lawyer ;-). I was under the impression that the dual licensing option was valid. However, I have passed your comment along to someone who is more knowledgeable on this topic than I am and will get back to you. We do want to make nvme-cli distributable under Apache so we will see what the options are.


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On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 10:28:20PM +0000, Stephen Bates wrote:
> Hi All
> I just wanted to send out an update on the nvme-cli tool that Keith and I have been maintaining. We have performed a few upgrades over the past few months and based on traffic this tool seems to be getting some amount of usage. 
> 1. Code is available here - https://github.com/linux-nvme/nvme-cli
> 2. Code is now Apache licensed (except for the nvme.h file which of course has to be GPL). Hopefully this will encourage adoption.

How can you use a GPL header in an otherwise Apache licenced program?
That's contrictory licensing that makes distributing the tool basically impossible.

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