remove arch/sh

Rob Landley rob at
Wed Jan 18 03:14:36 PST 2023

On 1/18/23 01:46, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> Again, I think you're talking about something different.
> Does kexec work for you?

Sorry, got woken up several hours early by sirens and flashy lights this morning
(duplex on the corner caught fire, Austin has a LOT of emergency vehicles), been
a bit underclocked all day.

No, I haven't tried kexec on sh4. I'll add it to the todo heap.

>> > I tried working my way up from 2.6.22, but gave up around 2.6.29.
>> > Probably I should do this with r2d and qemu instead ;-)
>> I have current running there. I've had current running there for years. Config
>> attached...
>> > Both r2d and landisk are SH7751.
>> Cool. Shouldn't be hard to get landisk running current then.
> Current kernels work fine on landisk with an old Debian userspace
> on CF.  The 8139cp driver is a bit flaky: last time I tried nfsroot,
> that didn't work well.

I've never had luck with NFS, I was using NBD. Hadn't noticed the flake but
haven't stress tested it too hard either?

Mostly new userspace is what I'm testing...


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