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D. Jeff Dionne djeffdionne at
Tue Jan 17 16:10:25 PST 2023

> Since there are people around with real hardware .... is sh in big endian mode
> (sheb) real ? Its qemu support is quite limited; most PCI devices don't work
> due to endianness issues. It would be interesting to know if this works better
> with real hardware.

Hi Guenter,

SH big endian works very well, and is in use on J-Core J2 SMP (hardware w/FPGA, simulation and ASIC this year) as well as some of the Hitachi / Renesas IoT chips e.g. SH7619.

It’s the base of the real new line of development (as opposed to backward looking support of older SH chips).  New chipsets will be based on the same RTL.

But does it actually work?  Yes, we have (new) devices such as a USB Wireguard based VPN hardware dongle, that are J2 (SH2 2 core SMP) that are in use with Linux sheb, nommu and fdpic.  MMU chips will be little endian.


> Thanks,
> Guenter

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