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Rob Landley rob at
Fri Jan 13 15:32:20 PST 2023

On 1/13/23 13:05, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Hi Rob!
> On 1/13/23 20:11, Rob Landley wrote:
>> There is definitely interest in this architecture. I'm aware Rich hasn't been
>> the most responsive maintainer. (I'm told he's on vacation with his family at
>> the moment, according to the text I got about this issue from the J-core
>> hardware guys in Japan.)
> Well, maybe we can just give it a try together ...

Jeff Dionne said he'd make himself available to answer hardware questions. (He
said he maintained some Linux ports 20 years ago, but isn't current with Linux
plumbing. Last month he was digging through the guts of vxworks, and the project
before that was some sort of BSD I think?)

I _do_ maintain Linux patches, I just generally don't bother to repost them
endlessly. Here's my "on top of 6.1" stack for example, each of which links to
at least one time it was posted to linux-kernel:

>> The main reason we haven't converted everything to device tree is we only have
>> access to test hardware for a subset of the boards. Pruning the list of
>> supported boards and converting the rest to device tree might make sense. We can
>> always add/convert boards back later...
> There is a patch by Yoshinori Sato which adds device tree support to SH. Maybe we
> can revive it.

The turtle board is device tree and has been since it was merged. The
infrastructure is there, the question is converting over boards and testing
them, or deciding to prune them. Did Sato-san convert many boards? (I'm not
finding his patch via google...)

> Adrian


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