[PATCH v2 1/4] spi: cadence-quadspi: Reset CMD_CTRL Reg on cmd r/w completion

Gole, Dhruva d-gole at ti.com
Tue Feb 7 05:06:07 PST 2023

Thanks for taking a look Pratyush!

On 1/27/2023 8:46 PM, Pratyush Yadav wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Jan 25 2023, Dhruva Gole wrote:
>> If one leaves the CQSPI_REG_CMDCTRL in an unclean state this may cause
>> issues in future command reads. This issue came to light when some flash
>> reads in STIG mode were coming back dirty.
> Can you explain in more detail what you mean by "reads coming back
> dirty"? Because I don't see any clear reason why not resetting the
> register would break anything. We re-create the register value from the
> scratch on the next read anyway, and as soon as you writel() that, the
> old fields get thrown away anyway.
There's a hardware bug due to which clearing of this register is necessary.
> [...]

Dhruva Gole <d-gole at ti.com>

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