[PATCH 000/606] i2c: Complete conversion to i2c_probe_new

Wolfram Sang wsa at kernel.org
Sat Nov 19 03:10:11 PST 2022

Hi Uwe,

> This series completes all drivers to this new callback (unless I missed
> something). It's based on current next/master.

Thanks for this work, really, but oh my poor inbox...

> I don't think it's feasable to apply this series in one go, so I ask the
> maintainers of the changed files to apply via their tree.

This seems reasonable. It would have made sense to send "patch series
per subsystem" then. So people only see the subset they are interested
in. I know filename-to-subsys mapping is hardly ever perfect. But in my
experience, even imperfect, it is more convenient than such a huge patch

Happy hacking,


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