UBIFS: failed to read inode, error -2

андрей коробченко proga08 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 06:45:37 PST 2022


I encountered an error while working with UBIFS on Toshiba
TH58NVG3S0HBAI4 NAND chip, the kernel version is 4.19.78.
The following errors appear when trying to access file named
ubifs_lookup_level0: UBIFS DBG tnc (pid 906):
search key (8593, inode)
ubifs_lookup_level0: UBIFS DBG tnc (pid 906):
found 0, lvl 0, n 3
UBIFS error (ubi0:4 pid 906): 0xc01fb7b9:
failed to read inode 8593, error -2
ubifs_evict_inode: UBIFS DBG gen (pid 906):
inode 8593, mode 0x8000
UBIFS error (ubi0:4 pid 906):
0xc01f8819: dead directory entry 'SCND', error -2
UBIFS warning (ubi0:4 pid 906):
0xc01fe39b: switched to read-only mode, error -2
The file "SCND" was presumably broken because of the power-cut
during writing. As a result, the file system became read-only.
I'm setting the file system to read-write mode. I'm trying to
erase the corrupted file. But this (like any action with this file)
leads to the fact that the system becomes read-only again.

So my questions are:
1)Is there a way to repair UBI filesystem? Perhaps, some sort of fsck
util for UBIFS?
2)Is there a way to remove a broken inode?


Andrey Korobchenko.

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