[PATCH] mtd: spi-nor: Fix the number of bytes for the dummy cycles

AngeloGioacchino Del Regno angelogioacchino.delregno at collabora.com
Wed Nov 2 05:21:51 PDT 2022

Il 31/10/22 13:46, Allen-KH Cheng ha scritto:
> The number of bytes used by spi_nor_spimem_check_readop() may be
> incorrect for the dummy cycles. Since nor->read_dummy is not initialized
> before spi_nor_spimem_adjust_hwcaps().
> We use both mode and wait state clock cycles instead of nor->read_dummy.
> Fixes: 0e30f47232ab ("mtd: spi-nor: add support for DTR protocol")
> Co-developed-by: Bayi Cheng <bayi.cheng at mediatek.com>
> Signed-off-by: Bayi Cheng <bayi.cheng at mediatek.com>
> Signed-off-by: Allen-KH Cheng <allen-kh.cheng at mediatek.com>
> Tested-by: Dhruva Gole <d-gole at ti.com>

On MT8195 Tomato Chromebook:
Tested-by: AngeloGioacchino Del Regno <angelogioacchino.delregno at collabora.com>

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