[PATCH 1/3] mtd: rawnand: hynix: Add support for H27UCG8T2FTR-BC MLC NAND

Miquel Raynal miquel.raynal at bootlin.com
Fri Dec 30 04:46:46 PST 2022

Hi again,

miquel.raynal at bootlin.com wrote on Fri, 30 Dec 2022 13:45:07 +0100:

> Hi Samuel,
> samuel at sholland.org wrote on Thu, 29 Dec 2022 13:09:03 -0600:
> > H27UCG8T2FTR-BC is similar to the already-supported H27UCG8T2ETR-BC, but
> > reports a different ID.
> Can you provide a datasheet for this part? I am surprised by the page
> size. In general anyway, it's best to provide a link when adding
> support for a new component.
> Also, for your two series, no need to resend this time, but please use
> git-format-patch and git-send-email to create your series, so that all
> the patches are answers of the cover letter. It helps keeping all
> patches and answers in the series packed together.

You can ignore this, I did momentarily change the display inadvertently
on my side, your series are perfectly fine.

Sorry for the noise.

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