[PATCH] mtd: cfi: allow building spi-intel standalone

Tudor Ambarus tudor.ambarus at linaro.org
Mon Dec 19 21:51:38 PST 2022

On 19.12.2022 17:12, Tokunori Ikegami wrote:
> On 2022/12/16 1:39, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
>> From: Arnd Bergmann<arnd at arndb.de>
>> When MTD or MTD_CFI_GEOMETRY is disabled, the spi-intel driver
>> fails to build, as it includes the shared CFI header:
> The header file linux/mtd/cfi.h is included by the head file 
> linux/mtd/spi-nor.h so seems the warning caused.
> Is it really necessary to inculude linux/mtd/cfi.h from 
> linux/mtd/spi-nor.h?
> (It seems that it can be resolved the issue by removing the including 
> cfi.h from spi-nor.h if unnecessary.)

SPI NOR does not depend on CFI. cfi.h shouldn't be included by
spi-nor.h, indeed.


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