Seeing ubifs unmap LEB error with linux 2.6.35 kernel

Richard Weinberger richard.weinberger at
Thu Jan 16 16:19:44 PST 2020

On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 9:37 AM Kiran B S <bs.kiran81 at> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 6:01 PM Kiran B S <bs.kiran81 at> wrote:
>>> Hi Richard,
>>> We could hit this error now on multiple systems. An attempt to write some data was done during this time.
>>> Please find below the stack dump trace as per the changes that you had suggested:
>>> Stack dump trace:
>>> [dump_backtrace_entry]:59:[<c04ca258>] (unwind_backtrace+0x0/0xe8) from [<c0663280>] (ubi_leb_unmap+0x68/0x70)
>>> [dump_backtrace_entry]:59:[<c0663280>] (ubi_leb_unmap+0x68/0x70) from [<c05d0088>] (ubifs_garbage_collect+0x2f4/0x308)
>>> [dump_backtrace_entry]:59:[<c05d0088>] (ubifs_garbage_collect+0x2f4/0x308) from [<c05bcaf4>] (make_reservation+0xec/0x3a0)
>>> [dump_backtrace_entry]:59:[<c05bcaf4>] (make_reservation+0xec/0x3a0) from [<c05bd718>] (ubifs_jnl_write_data+0xec/0x1b8)
>>> [dump_backtrace_entry]:59:[<c05bd718>] (ubifs_jnl_write_data+0xec/0x1b8) from [<c05be8d8>] (do_writepage+0x100/0x16c)

So we know now that garbage collection tries to unmap an invalid LEB.
Like I said before, your kernel is super old and unsupported.
You can try try to backport fixes which affect garbage collection in UBIFS.

But I'd strongly suggest to upgrade the kernel.


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