mtd-utils io_paral test fails on NAND

Richard Weinberger richard at
Mon Nov 25 14:27:27 PST 2019


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> Betreff: Re: mtd-utils io_paral test fails on NAND

> Hi Richard !
> Interestingly I had flash_readtest running in a loop the whole weekend
> without any errors. Although this test does not verify the data read
> so it could point towards a controller / driver problem. I'm in the
> process of upgrading the SDK from 2017.3 to 2019.2 to see if that
> makes any difference

pagetest shoud also verify the data.

If it fails only on top of UBI another possible error source is
DMA. Both UBI and UBIFS use vmalloced() buffers, a driver must not DMA
from/to these and use bounce buffers. If the driver is buggy in this
area everything looks shiny until you start using UBI...

Is the bad data always zeros? This also does not sound like an UBI
LEB->PEB mismatch.


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