mtd: nand: add erased-page bitflip correction

barak adam barak1adam at
Mon Nov 18 23:49:07 PST 2019

Hi All,

I am interested in a patch for our system for this issue:
Our UBIFS background thread stops due to corruptions detected in empty
space during ubifs_scan or in master node recovery functions. It ends
with a fatal failure for our system because a key partition fails to
mount upon system startup.
It happens rarely, but it's critical.

I guess it is related to power cuts and I did read carefully all
relevant messages in the following thread, handling this issue:

I'd like to use such a patch, but my question is:
If I do like to patch our mtd layer, is this given patch
(nand_verify_erased_page) still recommended?
If yes, what is the latest and most reliable version of this patch?

Some relevant info about our system:
We develop modern industrial 10G Ethernet switches based on Marvell
SoCs, with a 8GB NAND Flash Memory of Micron, model MT29F8G08ABACA.
We are running legacy Linux Kernel 3.10 with UBIFS as our file system,
using a kernel nand driver provided my Marvell under

Linux Team Leader
Adva Optical Networking

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