[PATCH 00/15] mtd-utils: cleanup resource leaks

David Oberhollenzer david.oberhollenzer at sigma-star.at
Sun Nov 10 07:30:44 PST 2019


back in 2016 or so I already fixed almost all of the warnings
reported by gcc for mtd-utils. Since then, gcc has gotten better
[citation needed] and with its colorfull diagnostics, compiling
mtd-utils finally makes your terminal look like a slot machine

Furthermore, mtd-utils is also on coverity scan since at least 2017:


I've been procrastinating lately and finally got around to looking
into this again.

This patch set tries to eliminate the largest single group of issues
that generate a lot of noise in the diagnostics: resource leaks.

It's not *that* critical for mtd-utils, it should be easy to fix and
it's also the largest chunk of issues since mtd-utils historically
didn't care at all and leak resources left and right.

Please tell me if my fixes break something elsewhere or my assumptions
about the intended behaviour are flawed. Otherwise I will merge this
at the end of next week and move on to the next batch.



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