UBIFS: file data corruption during the power cut-off test

Sergei Poselenov sposelenov at emcraft.com
Thu Jun 6 02:10:37 PDT 2019


We have an embedded system based on i.MX 6ULL, with the root filesystem deployed on a UBI volume built on top of the SLC NAND device. The volume is mounted as "rw,sync,relatime".

We are doing the following test:

   - Copy the same file (/bin/busybox) to a different file names, in a sequence.

   - Power is cut off during the copy sequence.

   - After reboot, UBI mounts OK, and we see a number of valid copies of /bin/busybox (md5sum matches), and the last file with the short length (partially written), as expected.

The question is: should we expect the last partially-written file to have the valid data of the original? We observe that quite often, the last 512 or so bytes in the short file doesn't match the original.

Any thoughts are welcome.


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