ECC configuration of NAND from Linux (MEMSETOOBSEL)

Gudjon I. Gudjonsson gudjon at
Thu Jan 11 16:29:55 PST 2018

Hi list

I am trying to upgrade a few embedded Linux systems remotely 
and increasing the number of ECC bits at the same time.

I read your FAQ and found the reference to ioctl (MEMSETOOBSEL) [1]
but it seems to be removed from the kernel.
 * Note, the following ioctl existed in the past and was removed:
 * #define MEMSETOOBSEL           _IOW('M', 9, struct nand_oobinfo)
 * Try to avoid adding a new ioctl with the same ioctl number.
I assume this is an error in the documentation but I wonder if you
know any solution to my problem?



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