[PATCH v1 1/3] mtd: physmap: add dual die entry in devicetree binding

Boris Brezillon boris.brezillon at bootlin.com
Fri Feb 23 07:53:40 PST 2018

On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 11:07:17 +0000
Bean Huo <beanhuo at outlook.com> wrote:

> Boris,
> thanks for the review.
> >> + - dual-die-stack: boolean to enable support for the devices with the
> >> +   two dies in stack.  
> >How about making that more future proof and adding a property that
> >directly contains the number of dies (num-dies)?  
> Exactly, I also thought here should add a property, through which it can be compatible
> with all kinds of PNOR for the future more dies stacked device.
> But currently, it doesn't exist  PNOR device with more than two dies, and we
> have no idea about 4/6 dies stacked device operation sequence. so I simply add a boolean
> entry and try to only enable dual-die stacked PNOR firstly.

Actually, I think it's better to think about future evolutions now than
adding a new property every time a vendor decides to add more dies (I
guess the number of dies will always be a power-of-2).

> Maybe I can try to do that in next version patch. the software implementation is so flexible.
> >>
> >>  For JEDEC compatible devices, the following additional properties
> >>  are defined:  

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