[PATCH 5/6] ubifs: Implement export_operations

Richard Weinberger richard at nod.at
Tue May 23 01:50:14 PDT 2017


Am 23.05.2017 um 10:48 schrieb Christoph Hellwig:
> On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 10:41:16AM +0200, Richard Weinberger wrote:
>> UBIFS has no inode generations, inodes simply can't wrap around.
>> We "handle" it like JFF2 does, we assumes that the NAND is long dead
>> before we reach the maximum inode number.
> So you never ever reuse an inode number once it's been unlinked and
> the last opener went away?


> If that is the case please add a comment explaining this next to
> the get_inode helper.

Will do.


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