[RESEND PATCH v3] UBI: add debugfs file for tracking PEB state

Honza Petrouš jpetrous at gmail.com
Wed May 17 03:36:35 PDT 2017

2017-05-16 20:22 GMT+02:00 Richard Weinberger <richard at nod.at>:
> Zach,
> Am 16.05.2017 um 19:58 schrieb Zach Brown:
>> From: Ben Shelton <ben.shelton at ni.com>
>> Add a file under debugfs to allow easy access to the erase count for
>> each physical erase block on an UBI device.  This is useful when
>> debugging data integrity issues with UBIFS on NAND flash devices.
>> Signed-off-by: Ben Shelton <ben.shelton at ni.com>
>> Signed-off-by: Zach Brown <zach.brown at ni.com>
> Hmmm, I thought I applied this to my v4.12 queue, but seems
> like I didn't. So, it will be part of v4.13.
> I'm very sorry, please accept my apologies.

Yes, you did it - at least my Linus' github repo clone has it already
= 7bccd12d27b7e358823feb5429731b8ee698b173


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