[RFC] UBIFS recovery

Richard Weinberger richard at nod.at
Mon Feb 9 04:08:54 PST 2015


Am 06.02.2015 um 00:36 schrieb Richard Weinberger:
>> I hear (and agree with) several valid arguments for a tool in
>> userspace. And I'd like to throw my support towards an in-driver
>> solution. Flash filesystems are different than on-disk filesystems, in
>> particular in their usecase: they're generally both critical and
>> exclusive to embedded systems. As such, the entire filesystem might be
>> on the corrupted UBIFS, so even if the filesystem is recoverable, if
>> we can't mount it and get at the userspace tool, then we're toast.
> No, embedded is not per se an excuse for doing bad/stupid things.
> Embedded is *not* special.
> There are folks out there that want a "force" mount option for UBIFS
> to mount it in any case no matter in how bad shape it is.
> But this will make the situation much worse as you'll get silent data
> corruption/loss.
> It is as stupid as running a "fsck -y /dev/sdXY" at every boot on a
> regular disk filesystem.

just want to point out that my rather harsh reply was not meant as an attack against you.
I'm sorry for that, please accept my apology.


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