[PATCH typo-resend] mtd: omap: fix mtd devices not showing up

Frans Klaver frans.klaver at xsens.com
Mon Oct 27 07:01:40 PDT 2014

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 03:56:41PM +0200, Roger Quadros wrote:
> Hi Frans,


> On 10/27/2014 03:32 PM, Frans Klaver wrote:
> > Since commit 6d178ef2fd5e ("mtd: nand: Move ELM driver and rename as
> > omap_elm"), I don't have any mtd devices present on my am335x. This
> > appears to be related to the link order of the omap_elm and omap2
> > objects. Fix it by swapping the two in the Makefile.
> Alternatively we could fix either elm_config() or omap_nand_probe() to
> return -EPROBE_DEFER in case the device is present but driver not yet probed.

I'd say that that would actually be nicer than having to depend on the
link order. I'll have a go at that.


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