[RFC/PATCH 0/1] mtd: Add NAND ECC devicetree binding

Ezequiel Garcia ezequiel.garcia at free-electrons.com
Mon Jan 20 12:03:24 EST 2014

On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 06:21:35AM +0000, Gupta, Pekon wrote:
> >
> >Pekon, do you think this binding proposal is good enough to describe OMAP NAND
> >ECC mode?
> >
> >I'm not implying we should deprecate the recently added "ti-nand-ecc-opt",
> >but just want to know it's eventually possible.
> >
> Yes, this is good approach for long-term, and it can replace "ti-nand-ecc-opt"
> "ti-nand-ecc-opt" is not new DT binding, it just got some new values added
> However, you have to convince DT Maintainers to get this in, and then deprecate
> other vendor specific bindings. It would be difficult to maintain backward
> compatibility to these bindings, if we move to 'nand-ecc-strength'.

Putting the DT maintainers on the To: field to get some feedback.

> At some-point we need to get some concrete guidelines from DT Maintainers on
> how long we should support deprecated bindings in our code, And what is the
> age of DT binding. I think David Woodhouse should throw more light, as he had
> some discussions & ideas on about DT binding life, during a linux conference.

That's a good question :-)
Ezequiel García, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux, Kernel and Android Engineering

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