UBI error -74 (ECC error)

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Tue Nov 27 17:29:39 EST 2012


I am making a ubi/ubifs image for an AM335x board. When I flash using 
UBI tools (ubiformat / ubiupdatevol) from Linux, it works fine. I can 
flash either the ubi or the ubifs image without any issue.

However I also need to be able to flash from the boot loader (u-boot) on 
first boot.
Both flash_eraseall/nandwrite from Linux and u-boot's nand erase + nand 
write commands give me this error when booting the kernel:

[    1.487209] UBIFS: mounted UBI device 0, volume 0, name "root"
[    1.493306] UBIFS: mounted read-only
[    1.497061] UBIFS: file system size:   18284544 bytes (17856 KiB, 17 
MiB, 144 LEBs)
[    1.505055] UBIFS: journal size:       2920448 bytes (2852 KiB, 2 
MiB, 23 LEBs)
[    1.512691] UBIFS: media format:       w4/r0 (latest is w4/r0)
[    1.518787] UBIFS: default compressor: lzo
[    1.523060] UBIFS: reserved for root:  0 bytes (0 KiB)
[    1.530052] VFS: Mounted root (ubifs filesystem) readonly on device 0:12.
[    1.537901] devtmpfs: mounted
[    1.541312] Freeing init memory: 140K
[    1.885519] udevd[358]: starting version 181
[    2.392869] UBIFS: start fixing up free space
[    2.401172] UBI error: ubi_io_read: error -74 (ECC error) while 
reading 4096 bytes from PEB 3:4096, read 4096 bytes
[    2.412095] UBIFS error (pid 381): ubifs_leb_read: reading 4096 bytes 
from LEB 1:0 failed, error -74

The ubifs is generated using the -F switch. The filesystem is mounted 
read-only. If I try to mount it read-write, I get the same error again.

I read the FAQ at this page:

I confirmed that ubiattach works on my MTD device right after I erase it 
with flash_eraseall. The filesystem is also mounted with ubi.mtd=9,2048 
so I already ignore sub-pages.

Does anyone have an idea?



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