[RFC/PATCH 0/1] ubi: Add ubiblock driver

Ricard Wanderlof ricard.wanderlof at axis.com
Wed Nov 21 00:28:43 EST 2012

On Tue, 20 Nov 2012, Ezequiel Garcia wrote:

> I'm happy to announce we finally have a read/write ubiblock implementation!
> What follows are some historical notes and some implementation hints.
> Feel free to comment on anything, ask questions or provide feedback.
> You can even fire some flames if you like, my asbestos suite works just fine ;-)

I don't want to diminish your work in any way, but what is the point of 
the ubiblock feature? Mtd block devices are really only used in order to 
give the mount/umount commands a block device, and for ubifs the device is 
specified in another way. So I suspect the intended usage for ubiblock is 
something else.

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