[patch] Adding Secure Deletion to UBIFS

Artem Bityutskiy dedekind1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 09:36:01 EDT 2012

On Mon, 2012-03-12 at 15:30 +0200, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> >  Btw, when I was
> > developing it I used the last 8 bytes from the key as the key position,
> > because the key was 16 bytes but only 8 were used. Could you comment on
> > the last 8 bytes of ubifs keys?
> I think you can use them. But is it possible to kill these things from
> the data nodes themselves? We can always find it by looking up the index
> by the data node key, right?

Joel, but please, send small patches, preparation patches, etc. Do not
disappear for several months and do not come back with another big
patch. Tell about your intentions in advance.

E.g., if you decide to start using those unused 8 bytes - first do small
preparations like removing the notion of "key scheme" which we
provisioned but never used (from comments as well). Clean-up the "space"
for yourself. Then start using them for your purposes. As I said, as
soon as I get the first patch I like, I'll create a separate branch in
the UBIFS git tree for your work.


Best Regards,
Artem Bityutskiy

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