ubi_update_fastmap: could not find an early PEB

Richard Weinberger richard at nod.at
Wed Jun 27 07:00:29 EDT 2012

Am 27.06.2012 12:56, schrieb Artem Bityutskiy:
> I've just pushed out the latest work of Richard to the "fastmap" branch,
> should be up-to-date now. Thanks for feed-back, testing is very
> appreciated and certainly should help merging this faster.

I'll send another patch set today.
It contains only minor coding style fixes and such stuff.

Before fastmap gets merged I'd like to have a discussion about fastmaps

/* A fastmap anchor block can be located between PEB 0 and
#define UBI_FM_MAX_START        64

/* A fastmap can use up to UBI_FM_MAX_BLOCKS PEBs */
#define UBI_FM_MAX_BLOCKS       32

/* 5% of the total number of PEBs have to be scanned while attaching
 * from a fastmap.
 * But the size of this pool is limited to be between UBI_FM_MIN_POOL_SIZE and
#define UBI_FM_MIN_POOL_SIZE    8
#define UBI_FM_MAX_POOL_SIZE    256
#define UBI_FM_WL_POOL_SIZE     25

Are we all fine with them?
Especially the size of both pools used by fastmap needs to be discussed more.
If the pool size is too small UBI was to write the fastmap very often.
A too large pool means that attaching takes longer because fastmap has to rescan
more PEBs.


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