U-boot bch4_sw vs omap bch4_hw

Andreas Bießmann andreas.biessmann at corscience.de
Mon Dec 10 06:11:24 EST 2012

On 10.12.2012 11:35, Andreas Bießmann wrote:
> Hi Ivan Djelic and Jean-Philippe Francois,
> On 10.12.2012 10:41, jean-philippe francois wrote:
>> 2012/12/8 Ivan Djelic <ivan.djelic at parrot.com>:


>  * use 1-bit hamming 'ROM-layout' for SPL mtd and 4-bit BCH8 in all
> other sections, see my u-boot patches.

it is in fact 8-bit BCH (not 4-bit). I have chosen BCH8 here cause some
OMAP3 seem to have broken BCH4. The kernel also recommends to use BCH8
for the same cause. However this can be made configurable in u-boot.

best regards

Andreas Bießmann

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